No matter where I've been overseas, the food stinks, except in Italy.

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How it all began…

With their joint skills sets Ben and Joanna started The Deli Station Ltd in October 2008, at the very start of the financial crisis and subsequent recession. Their commitment and passion for finding and distributing new artisan products saw them through.

Their backgrounds…

Joanna has worked in the food sector for 15 years having held several senior sourcing and purchasing roles, Ben has an MBA and a background of senior positions within the logistics and distribution industry

The Chef's Deli

Big or small, old or new, we like to develop a rapport with our clients, to get to know them, their needs and so they also understand more about what we can offer. They can sample and get a feel for our products, surrounded in the ambience of delicious food and beverage by the picturesque Lock.

At our showroom in Enfield Lock, we meet with our customers’ key decision makers to talk through our products and explore how we can best help fit into their supply chain and assist with menu development. This is only booked on a ‘One Client a Day’ basis, to ensure we can spend as much time as possible.

During this meeting, we can discuss costing’s, design dishes, talk through ordering schedules, look at new to market lines and ways to make our range bespoke to each customer’s business.

Our delivery service and the polite courtesy of our operational team is at the heart of The Deli Station Ltd ethos and is as important to us as the pricing and quality of our products.

All drivers have company mobile phones and IT training to ensure that they keep in contact with you. They understand your needs; they have a positive attitude towards delivering your order and an awareness of the impact on your business if your requirements are not complete and on time. Communication from our operations team to you is vital to ensure your loyalty and satisfaction in what we do. We place strong emphasis on good customer communication.

The Chef's Deli

Ben and Joanna have held senior positions in their previous professional roles. Between them they accumulated the knowledge and skills to encompass all functions within a food and distribution business, and therefore decided it may be a good idea to start one . The leap towards owning their own business took some courage; selling their family home and investing all their savings, but their combined work experiences proved to be a winning duo and The Deli Station Ltd is the result.

The Chef's Deli

Joanna has worked in the food sector for 15 years, having held several senior sourcing and purchasing roles for; Leathams, The Fresh Olive Company, and within the fine dining sector of Compass Group. Ben has an MBA and a background of senior positions within the logistics and distribution industry both in the UK and across Europe. Ben’s last role was as a member of a successful Business Turnaround Team, working on the Exec Board for City Link. The combo seems to be working well. Together they have established a leading and growing business. Although, other members of The Deli Station team, notice that Joanna does have the occasional urge to throttle Ben :)

The Chef's Deli

With their joint skills sets Ben and Joanna started The Deli Station Ltd in October 2008, at the very start of the financial crisis and subsequent recession. Without help from the banks but with a strong determination to succeed, Joanna and Ben decided to risk everything. Their commitment and passion for finding and distributing new artisan products saw them through. Since 2008 the Company has grown quickly. Now Ben and Joanna are delighted to be trading with several blue chip clients. They are back on the property ladder and at the helm of their own multi million pound turnover business.

The business is continually re-investing; strengthening its position within the market by improving resources and employing highly qualified key people to help accelerate growth. The business now has the ability to provide more bespoke products and offer a broader service.

Ben Milne

Managing Director …

…tea boy and general dogs body

Married to Joanna. First degree in Politics and later, an MBA. Professional life in logistics, distribution and general management. Ben was once a cub scout, spent some time growing up in Saudi Arabia, was in the ‘swim team’ but never won a ribbon. Favorite subject in school was Drama. Now it all makes sense…

T: +44 (0) 7772 272 233

Joanna Anastasiou-Milne

Commercial Director

Married to Ben. First degree included a year in Milan. (Now it makes sense !) Professional life in sourcing fine foods, fluent in Greek and Italian, loves a BBQ even when its winter (she is Greek), chief negotiator with suppliers and customers and can get really picky about coffee.

T: +44 (0) 7775 843 595

Billy Cove

General Operations Manager

Married with two children and a Labrador. Before moving into transport and distribution he started life playing professional football. Beginning in various youth teams such as; Millwall & Leyton Orient followed by a non-league football career. Went to school in Islington, liked English, so he got away with calling his teacher, Mr. Kerr by the name of Wayne. Turns out that it wasn’t even his first name. Billy now has a long commute to work from Leigh-on-sea and watches The Only Way is Essex every night on repeat.

T: +44 (0) 7814 698 971

Do you purchase in large quantities? If so, would you be interested in your own label?

In addition to our range, we purchase for larger clients in multiple formats, weights and quantities.

From plastic buckets of specialty ingredients through to large pallecons, we would look to work with you in partnership to fulfill your requirements.

The Deli Station Ltd

Unit 11a Waterways Business Centre
Navigation Drive
Enfield Lock

T: 01992 700 585

F: 01992 713 239


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A little more about us…

The Deli Station Ltd is a family run business which is SALSA accredited with over 400 products within our range. These include both Slow Food producers throughout Italy, Spain and France as well as larger scale BRC accredited producers.

Our organization may not be the biggest, it may not be the oldest, but we like to think we are the most passionate. We focus on importing good quality products at the right price, as well as sourcing new to market lines and having the biggest desire to offer a good service. We want to build a relationship with clients and work with them, so that over time we gradually become considered as a strategic partner. We never stop sourcing for our customers, we are always happy to quote for quick turn around tenders, we can always be reached at the end of the phone and we want to do business with you!

Human Resources

The right people are key to delivering a good service

Every penny of profit in the early days of our business went into investing for the future and today this is still key to our growth strategy. A large part of this investment has gone into our people. Investing in the right people, using every opportunity to further strengthen our team when we had the opportunity with more skilled employees, training them, giving them the right equipment and investing in their development, is in our opinion a pre-requisite to achieving our Service Led Culture and delivering the Customer Experience. Our success as a distribution company rests on the actions and behavior of our team, as much as it does the quality of products we sell.

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track, trace, monitor, store and invoice

We have invested a huge amount in achieving full traceability of all of our products, manage our stock levels and ensure consistency of supply. In addition we have not penny pinched with our team. Knowing that communication is key, all customer facing employees, from sales to drivers have company smart phones, so they can telephone, email, tweet and google you

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finding the food

We are extremely lucky that Joanna has a reputation for not only being a good negotiator but in her career (pre-The Chef’s Deli), was very much sought after as a member/leader of purchasing teams. Her unique skill is that she has an eye for the unusual, whilst working for others this has benefited their brands as she introduced many new to market products which many people are now familiar with. Now, with her team, she does this for her own business and we are quickly being recognised as the food distributor who focuses on innovation as a consequence of these skills. Sourcing is at the heart of what we do and a primary focus for us. Sourcing the next exciting product or sourcing to benchmark products sold by the pallet, Jo and her team are integral to our success.

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Inbound Logistics

how we get the tasty stuff to the UK

We import products from Italy, Spain, France and Greece. Our operation is based on a hub and spoke model. We have two warehouse units based on the same industrial estate in Enfield Lock and in addition lease warehouse space to give us extra capacity and provide a holding locations in Tilbury and Milan.

For ambient product, we export both full and part loads, which we store initially in a ISO accredited location in Tilbury. Product destined to be delivered by the full pallet that has a quick turn around, remains on site in Tilbury and is delivered from there. A proportion of stock thereafter is decanted to one of our locations at our Enfield Lock site. The larger of these warehouses is for full pallet storage, and product from here is drip fed to our smaller unit, which acts as a packing area for individual direct deliveries.

For chilled products, low volume/artisan lines from Italy are consolidated in Milan, where we lease space and then they are delivered directly to the Enfield Lock sites 2/3 times per week. High volume Italian lines are delivered to us by the pallet 3/4 times a week via Milan or Verona and dispatched direct to the client thereafter. Deliveries from Spain, France and Greece are less frequent and direct to Enfield from supplier. Goods are then dispatched via the pallet for export / bulk clients from Enfield or picked and packed in smaller quantities to be delivered by our own fleet.

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the nuts and bolts in the wee hours

Our operation starts during the wee hours of the morning. We zone our deliveries by way of direct delivery area (6 days a week), direct delivery on a nominated day, UK pallet deliveries to your distribution centre, emergency orders via pallet or courier, International Export.

Any problem with your order, our team led by Billy, will contact you, inform you, let you know what they are doing to resolve it for you and give you some options. We don’t just not turn up, it’s just not in our DNA

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Outbound Logistics

Getting the order to you

Orders for direct delivery are accepted as late as 12 midnight the day before delivery. Goods are picked, packed and delivered the next day. Orders can be placed by phone, ordering system such as F&B Shop or equivalent, email and we even get the odd order via twitter.

Direct deliveries on a nominated day can be ordered up till 12 midnight the day before.

Larger deliveries in the UK are to be ordered pre 12 noon day 1 for day 3 delivery (working days).

Emergency out of area next day deliveries, can be made by courier / pallet network if ordered pre- 12 noon the day before delivery.

Export to the EU is normally a 3 day service, further field can take longer and lead times are available on request.

Delivery Information is as follows:

Central London; minimum order for free delivery is £50, order before 12 midnight for next day delivery. Are you in this area and want to talk turkey?.

Greater London and Home Counties; minimum order for free delivery is £80, order before 12 midnight for next day delivery. Want to do business with us? .

Delivery to rest of mainland England, Wales and Scotland (Lowlands); Minimum order for free delivery £100. For designated delivery day service order pre 12 midnight the day before. For delivery without an agreed delivery day, order pre 12 noon for delivery next day. Do you want to look at placing an order?.

Highlands & Islands; as per rest of UK but delivery surcharges may apply and transit time may take a little longer. You see we can supply you, contact Simon .

EU & International delivery; delivery can be arranged pretty much anywhere on a consolidated pallet, full pallet or container basis. For fresh, short shelf life cheeses, we can arrange transit direct from producer to all major European cities within 3 days of production. Feel free to get in touch

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Marketing and Sales

Our sales team would love the chance to talk with you about what we can offer. From a marketing perspective we do exhibit at trade shows but mainly we seem to chase our tail, so if we have not contacted you yet and you have not seen us at a trade show, please do not be offended. We are very lucky that organic growth and word of mouth seems to be keeping us busy. We would love to be talking with you and hopefully we can develop a relationship with you soon. If you would like us to contact you then please click here to open a dialogue with us.

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The outcome of it all!

We feel we have the experience, products, people, resources and capabilities to be able to offer a variety of products and deliver directly to any restaurant, hotel, food manufacturer or retailer with our core and specialty ranges. For larger clients we can deliver direct to your RDC or via a 4PL route into a distribution channel of your choosing, should you want to consolidate your deliveries with a 3rd party. Our experience to date; whether as a core supplier for the Athletes Village during the 2012 Olympic Games or of limited volume specialty products for high end London restaurants and hotels, means that we can operate with the right product in the right market, engaging with clients of all different sizes, across a variety of sectors and with different needs. I guess it is hard to encapsulate what we do that’s different from our competitors. It’s the product quality, its our commercial approach, its our attitude to business and service, its our passion to succeed and get it right, its our operational flexibility, it’s the grey stuff between the lines that some call culture. We would love to work with you and we hope that someday we can . Please get in touch.

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Specialty Wines

The Chef's Deli - Specialty Wines

Many of the small producers we work with produce a little bit of wine. These artisan producers have as much passion for the wine they produce in their region, as they do the meats and cheeses we import already. With a passion for vino, Ben and Luigi have convinced them to start selling us some and therefore, our sister company, The Vino Distributor Ltd, adds a nice addition to the rest of our range. All customers of The Deli Station Ltd will have an account automatically set up with The Vino Distributor Ltd, you only need to place your order for wine with the rest of the product and it will all arrive on the same vehicle :-)

Vinegars & condiments

The Chef's Deli - Vinegars & condiments

We have 3 grades of balsamic vinegar from Modena, which have been naturally aged in oak, juniper and chestnut barrels for different lengths of time, to reach different thicknesses and acidity levels. There is also a squeezy reduced product available. All are available in 5ltr or smaller formats.

In addition we stock a white wine vinegar, aged for just 6 months in new oak barrels for use with fish, salads and white meats. Other fruit based vinegars are also available for dressings as well as a Puglian dressing vinegar made with Muscat grapes instead of Lambrusco grapes (used for Balsamic of Modena). White and red wine vinegars also available in 5ltr formats.

Sweets & other treats

The Chef's Deli - Sweets & other treats

We supply various types of honey from Italian truffle, multi floral types, chestnut to Spanish Honey Comb. We also stock artisan soft amaretti biscotti to die for, chocolates from Cuneo and Panettone to order in season.

We also have available as garnish for cheese dishes or deserts fruits such as damsons, apricots, wild forest fruits, peres and chestnuts which are preserved in syrup and/or desert wines.

Salts & seasonings

The Chef's Deli - Salts & seasonings

Whether it is salt, paprika, or espellete pepper, we have a range of seasoning products for you.

Pesto & pastes

The Chef's Deli - Pesto & pastes

We stock fresh Ligurian basil pesto using PDO Genovese basil with no added colourings, flavorings or preservatives. Also available is a nut free recipe and a pasteurized dairy free pesto. Various other more unusual Puglian pestos are available as well as olive pastes and tomato sauces.

Pasta, pulses, rice & mushrooms

The Chef's Deli - Pasta, pulses, rice & mushrooms

Various types of risotto rice varieties, all sorts of dried beans from cannelini beans to Umbrian lentils and many more besides; giant pasta shapes made using a bronze die to allow the sauce to stick better to the product, quick cooking high quality pasta made with real egg, for a fresh pasta flavor and texture, dried mushrooms from porcini to a truffle and porcini paste; perfect to turn into a sauce with butter and add to risotto or pasta at the last moment. Truffle infused oils, truffle honey and spot pricing on request for fresh truffles.


The Chef's Deli - Olives

Various varieties of olives, marinated pitted olives, and marinated stone in olives are available in multiple mixes and pack sizes. From bright green Sicilian olives to large Greek ones, we have the olive for you!


The Chef's Deli - Oils

We have a range of oils from fine finishing oils to cooking oils. Our range consists of extra virgin olive oil, naturally infused oils and oils for everyday use. Oils are available in multiple formats.

Flour & bakery

The Chef's Deli - Flour & bakery

We import flour directly from a mill in Italy for making fresh pasta, pizza dough and other products. We also import protein rich continental flours from Germany, in the Goslar region, directly from a mill first recorded being used in 1460 by monks and which still to this day makes wheat, rye and other specialty flours. In addition to flour products we import bread products from Sardinia and other specialist crisp Italian breads.


The Chef's Deli - Fish

We stock several types of anchovies; filleted, lightly salted, heavily salted and other fish products such as yellow fin tuna and bottarga.

Cured hams

The Chef's Deli - Cured hams

Specialty cured hams both on and off the bone from various regions and at various price points are available from Italy and Spain.

Fresh cheeses

The Chef's Deli - Fresh cheeses

With twice-weekly deliveries; our Buffalo Mozzarella, Burrata, Ricotta and Mozzarella Fior di Latte are imported fresh to the UK or flown directly from producer to any major European destination from farm to plate within 3 days of production.


The Chef's Deli - Cheeses

We stock everything from seasonal goats chesses from Sicily, Marche and other unusual regions, to Italian classics such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano. Gorgonzola and Taleggio. Licensed to cut and pack cheese, we portion into foodservice pack sizes on a to order basis and we source pre-sliced / grated / shaved and shredded cheeses for larger volume users.


The Chef's Deli - Charcuterie

Our specialty cured meats; from sliced to on the bone are sourced direct from the farms throughout Italy from Sicily to Piedmont as well as a growing French and Spanish range.

Bar snacks & sundries

The Chef's Deli - Bar snacks & sundries

Nuts, crisp breads, snacks and pickles.


The Chef's Deli - Antipasti

We have a broad range of products from tomatoes, capers, cornichons, onions to various types of peppers; stuffed, grilled & every which way, as well as aubergines, courgettes, artichokes and other antipasti lines from Italy, Greece and Spain.